Assist Travel / Transport

Assist Travel / Transport

We provide travel and transportation services for participants who find it challenging to move around. MKL Care Solutions can assist participants with travel and transport to help face the difficulties in getting around. The transport support team includes highly qualified professionals with valid driver’s licenses and police background checks. You can avail this service to drop you from one place to another and pick you up when you are done. We provide safe and convenient transport services to help you comfortably get to school, doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping or even vacations.

This service includes:

  • School or Another Educational Facility
  • Work
  • Planned Visits, Outings and Trips
  • Appointments, Lunch or Dinner (as Escort)
  • Medical Facilities to Pick up Prescriptions
  • For Travel, to Provide Support to Participants in Regional and Remote Areas, as Approved by NDIA (Around Your Community)


We empower participants and respect their choices while minimising risks. Our participants always come first. Our values includes carefully listening to our clients needs, being compassionate towards attending to their needs and and integrating-

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